A One-Stop Solution to All Your Wardrobe Issue Store, Sell, Shop all your clothes with this app

Sometimes you wish you had a personal stylist who could put together outfits for you or one of those software systems Cher had from Mean Girls?

It's not too late if you still dream of it every time you stand in front of your open wardrobe.

As much as the idea seems to come from being privileged, it's one step further away from having worn and unwanted clothes standing in the way of a sustainable wardrobe.

Founded by two ex-Google colleagues, and contributors with years of experience at companies like Apple, Nokia, Spotify, and VICE Magazine, The Storey App is an exclusive circular fashion platform that lets you keep track of your fashion purchases for you to be able to "Store.Sell.Shop" better.

“I’ve always wondered why the beautiful, clean, organized process of buying a new item

of clothing online can’t be carried over with the same elegance into resale...why do we

have to re-create product listings from memory, spending ages trying to recall when you

bought something and for how much, and take new photos?" says co-founder Nicole.

With all the fashion inspiration from blogs, youtube, magazines, and tik tok, we are so used to conditioning our brains that we don't have enough, we often undermine the value of what's already sitting in the closet. Here's why you need to download the app:-

  1. Easily add items to your online wardrobe- Digitizing your wardrobe with Storey allows you to easily see everything you own and reuse the pieces you love. The upload process is completely painless for the user. Simply forward your receipts and they do the rest. Users can forward their order confirmations from online purchases to receipts@storeytheapp.com to have their items added to their digital wardrobe. 

  2. Shop Secondhand- Buy second-hand items from other members’ wardrobes. Re-loving their pieces brings something new to your closet without the harmful effects of fast fashion. You can make an offer on any item in the app, even those that aren't for sale. That way, users can pass seldom worn items on to someone who will put them to good use.

  3. Build Outfits- Using the Collections feature on the app, users can create outfits within the app from the items they already own and save them in the app. This feature can also be used to plan packing lists for trips! 

  4. Know what to charge and gain wardrobe insights- The estimated resale value calculator not only takes the guesswork out of what to charge but also gives the user insight into the value of their wardrobe. We scan the web for similar second-hand items for sale and use that data to estimate a fair resale price. 

So the next time you want to plan your outfit, you can do so without having to build a cloth-hill in your cupboard. Let's gain more value from our wardrobes, while

contributing to a more circular fashion economy - something the apparel industry

desperately needs!

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Available in the US and UK now.




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