Is there a right way to eat chocolate?

Sayali Sarode

Do you feel guilty while gulping down chocolate? Obviously, you’re not the only one. The secret to enjoying chocolate while not having to compromise on your health lies in recognizing and embracing your guilty pleasure and doing it the right way.

In an ideal scenario, eliminating chocolate from our diet would be the absolute choice. But realistically, it is almost impossible for most of us to shun this oxytocin fix. So learning how to get the best out of that bar of chocolate or handful of candy is the next best thing instead of helplessly reaching out for more and more in order to satisfy your sweet tooth. This technique will help you gain maximum joy from a minimum amount of chocolate. Here’s how you can let go of overindulgence when it comes to your sweet cravings.

Pay attention to what you are buying

Be aware of what you love to eat the most and how much of it you need to buy. Making sure that you’re only buying what you need rather than jumping at all the alluring sweets which make your mouth water is the way to go.

Quality over quantity

Chocolate isn’t meant to fill up your stomach but to please your senses. Invest in an expensive bar of chocolate and savor it to the fullest. You are much more likely to eat it mindfully than a bunch of cheap bonbons.

Out of sight, out of mind

Once you have made your choice and bought the right piece of sweetmeat, put it away in a cabinet or on the shelf. You are less likely to reach out for it if its not in front of you every time you open the refrigerator door or take a 2 am stroll through the kitchen.

Practice is the key

Remember that you might not succeed at first because after all, we’re all dictated by our cravings sometimes. It takes time to gain control over your mind when it comes to something as irresistible as chocolate.

The process to remember

  • Pay close attention to the piece of chocolate in your hand before you are going to eat it.

  • Let everything from its weight and shape to its color and smell, stir up pleasant emotions and memories rather than feelings of guilt.

  • Allow your sensations to completely take over as you enjoy the flavor, texture, and lavishness of the chocolate.

Implement this technique and you’ll learn how to derive happiness out of sweets without mindlessly gulping them down.

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