Key Takeaways for a Clear and Healthy Skin

Sayali Sarode

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to wake up one morning with spotless and glowing

skin miraculously? Only if real life could work that way. Most of us have to go through

the nasty battle with acne and blackheads as soon as we hit puberty. And sometimes,

countless hours of watching unrealistic makeup tutorials and hating on models with

a perfect skin gets you nowhere. So, here’s a guide to help you achieve that ‘no-

makeup’ makeup look naturally.

Some issues to tackle

From sunburns and dry, irritated skin to major acne breakouts and dark circles, the list

of pesky skin issues can go on and on. Exposure to the sun, hot and humid air along

with the dirt in it can cause the bacteria and oil on your skin to clog your pores. These

sticky skin cells and excessive oil production are a big reason behind those

embarrassing acne disasters. If that wasn’t enough, ultraviolet damage can lead to

brown blotches or age spots as well!

Major Mistakes to Avoid

Skincare requires commitment and consistent efforts. Here are a few things that can

stand in the way of that.

Skipping Moisturizer

You definitely want to keep a moisturizer in mind and probably one in your bag if you don’t want to end up with dehydrated skin. Another misunderstanding that many people have is that oily skin doesn’t require any moisturization. That is a myth that can cause you a lot of skin trouble in the long run.

Forgetting SPF

Sun exposure has its fair share of disadvantages. So save yourself from ultraviolet

damage and never forget your sun protection. Keeping a bottle of sunscreen on hand

can come into use if you have to hit the streets on a sunny day.

Excessive exfoliation

This doesn’t just weaken the skin barrier, but it can be super painful for your skin as

well. It can be even more harmful in case you have sensitive skin making it a crucial

mistake to watch out for.

Using hot water on your skin

Do yourself a favor and stay away from hot water when it comes to skincare. It can lead to dilation of blood vessels and can also leave you with dry and inflamed skin. Stick to lukewarm water for the best results.

So what’re the best ways to get glowing skin?

Ditch those fries

High-glycemic food is a major cause of acne. All the cheesy and greasy pizzas that we

love on weekends and the seemingly harmless 3 am chocolates can cause more damage to our skin than we realize.

Give some extra love to your sensitive skin

Using a gentle exfoliator can do wonders for your skin. It’ll take off all that dirt and

dead skin without irritating it.

Cleanliness is key

Whether we’re talking about your phone’s screen and pillowcases or your make up

brushes and sunglasses, they must be cleaned and sanitized regularly if you want to

keep that spooky bacteria off your face.

Watch your dairy intake

It’s not uncommon for your hormones to go for a toss if you end up surrendering to

your dairy cravings. If you're not someone who can control the urge to overindulge in milk products, you can try opting for low-fat and skim milk.

Treat scars the right way

Dark spots and scars can take several months to heal, making it a real headache when

it comes to treating them. So, make lavender oil and aloe vera gel your new best

friends and get rid of spot treatment products.

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