This Brand is Everything You Want a Bohemian Summer Noon at The Sea to Look Like

Born polyglot, worldwide resident and European at heart, Natalia Langsdale is the founder of Made with Love by Natalia. Every day the sea greets her with its mesmerizing colors that make up the Côte d'Azur, lapping waves and bringing treasures from the sea and inspiring her designs.

The collection is an eclectic rendering of handmade art de la table, wall decorations, and earrings. All materials used are recycled lovingly used to make sustainable decor for the home and soul. Decorating homes, superyachts, and used at weddings for those looking for an island boho-chic theme on the French Riviera and beyond.

Be it string, wool, driftwood, dried wildflowers, or pebbles, as a craft aficionado, something discarded will end up transformed into beauty, made with love by Natalia.

The ethos behind the jewellery collection is simplicity, back to basics, natural beauty redefined in a modern twist for the women who know their worth yet want to look outstanding in a world conscious about the environment. The art de la table wedding

elopement setting is inspired by the sea with French Riviera elegance, worthy of a destination wedding elopement where sustainable beauty is at the forefront.


Feather earrings, as light as the air, that makes them dance to embellish daytime to evening outfits

Photo by @thomasaudiffren make up by @agnes_doussot model @mii_darling


Handmade macramé table decorations from 100% recyclable cotton

Photo by @sarahstefaniphotography at @naosbeach flowers by @riccifloralcreation


A dried flower crown to match the hoop earrings creates the perfect French Riviera boho chic look

Photo by @thomasaudiffren make up by @irina.awad model @irina.awad


Made with Love by Natalia table decorations - perfect for a sustainable wedding day

Photo by @sarahstefaniphotography at @naosbeach flowers by @riccifloralcreation


The Ra-Ra Rafia earrings make a bold statement to any outfit

Photo by @thomasaudiffren make up by @agnes_doussot model @allisoro


Back to basics without compromising on style - a romantic beach picnic for two

Photo by @thomasaudiffren Styling & decorations @madewithlovebynatalia


Photo by @sarahstefaniphotography at @naosbeach flowers by @riccifloralcreation dress by @geraldinedaulon bride @allisoro groom @federico_uribe groom outfit @209mare 


Table setting all nodding towards a more environmentally-friendly take on dining

Photo by @thomasaudiffren Styling & decorations @madewithlovebynatalia


Statement jewellery empowers women who want to look good while doing good too by buying circular fashion brands

Photo by @thomasaudiffren make up by @irina.awad model @irina.awad


A beautiful handmade macramé platemat to decorate your precious wedding memories

Photo by @thomasaudiffren Styling & decorations@madewithlovebynatalia Ring box @voeu_du_coeur

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