5 Eco Friendly Essentials To Add To Your Travel Kit Now

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Sayali Sarode

Ogato Reusable Make Up Pads

Everything from the lipsticks and old movie tickets lost between the clutter to the forgotten

Starbucks bills and folding mirrors, which you never removed, have made their own little world inside your bag. It’s said that the contents of your bag say a lot about you, and while we all have our own nuts and bolts, there are some essentials that should find their place in this miniature world.

A simple step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to switch the products you chose to carrywith you in your day to day life. Treat your nature-loving spirit and ease the burdens on our planet’s shoulders at the same time while using these game-changing items.

Reusable makeup remover pads

Being completely natural and biodegradable, this is the perfect addition to your handbag. Pop them in the laundry bag when you’ve used them at the end of the day, and the next time you’re in need of a quick makeup fix, they’re good as new!

Eco Beauty

Organic cotton swabs

These quick and handy swabs can turn out to be saviours, even in the most unpredictable

situations. Include this renewable item to your list of personal care essentials as an untainted addition for your environmentally friendly tote.

Silicone travel bottles

Reusable travel-sized bottles are a must in order to minimize waste while you’re on the go.

These are kind to the environment, easy to clean, and not to mention, super cute. This plastic-free alternative is an efficient and handy option when you reach down your handbag and need a water break.

Solar charger

You’d be lying if you said that you’ve never felt lost after your phone died, and to add to your misery, your power bank has given up as well. Luckily, with this one-stop solution, the sun can come to your rescue the next time you need to urgently charge your devices. Take advantage of this good ol’ friend to all your power needs. A few good ones to choose from are Blavor and Renogy; and Anker PowerPort Solar, Nekteck 20W with a High Efficiency Solar Panel Cell, BEARTWO compact external battery (both of which are recommended for travellers and hikers).


Organic sunscreen and lip balm

Bid farewell to all the nasty and toxic ingredients in your old sunscreen, which may be harmful not only for you but also for the environment as well. Opt for a cruelty-free sunscreen with natural SPF and plant-based packaging.

Score some bonus eco brownie points with a completely organic lip balm that has a plastic-free tube. These babies are perfect if you want optimum moisturization for your lips while doing justice to your eco-friendly spirit.

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