Who says traveling is over rated when you really can 'Travel4Change'

Traveling has always been a big agenda on every teen's bucket list. Each trip, each day of a tour and each minute of adventure is immersive and gets you a step closer to becoming a traveller. But at what cost? Flights, hotels, cruises and expensive tourist markets are all standing in the way of making your travel experience a sustainable one.

Volunteer tourism is one of the fastest-growing trends in the world. 1.6 million Volunteer

tourists traveling each year. India is the second most searched destination for traveling

to volunteer abroad. India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world has a myriad of

landscapes, attractions, heritage, and great cultures. With the mosaic of multiculturalism, it

is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Travel4change, a social enterprise in association with Lakshyam NGO that was founded by Raashi Anand in 2012. The venture has started unique volunteer and travel programs benefiting the communities in need. It aims to foster volunteer-based travel experiences where travelers learn insights into the locals, their art, skills, their culture, while also catering to their growth and developmental needs.

Amongst the array of awards won by the organization, they have also been recognized by the World Youth Forum and awarded by the President of Egypt as one of the 8 Change Makers across 154 countries for working towards peace and positive change in the world.

Travel4change is operational in more than 5 states of India such as Delhi, Uttar Pradesh,

Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. It aims to promote volunteer tourism for-

Women empowerment, teaching, art, music, and theatre, healthcare, building and

construction, animal petting farm. All these volunteer tourism programs are affordable,

authentic, and flexible to design travel packages as per one's needs and requirements.

During this volunteer program, if the number of days; time commitment is a problem then the traveler can also choose from varied options of social experiences which range from the involvement of 2 to 4 hours wherein the individual can still impact the social

commitment and take an unforgettable memory back.

Go Live with Travel4Change on 'Making Journeys Worthwhile'

If you have a travel story only so exquisite to present an opportunity for you to make a change, there's a spot for you. Travel4Change is hosting a live series "Making Journeys Worthwhile" which involves travellers from all over the world talking & sharing their travel stories , and how one can make an impact while travelling . Some of the famous tarvellers of the series are Turban Traveler, Ami Bhatt, Manjula Bhatt, Ajay Sood, Lacey Jo Chim to name a few.

“We are extremely happy to announce this unique social entrepreneurship model of

Travel4Change. In this initiative, we invite passionate and enthusiastic people to come

forward and create an awareness about volunteering and support with an experience of

wishful travelling, while bringing change wherever you go! Many volunteer agencies

charge projects at a high price, but in the end only a tiny fraction of this money benefits

local people and this is what we want to change at Travel4change to make it an

affordable and meaningful experience for everyone in giving one of the finest abroad

volunteer opportunities to various travelers globally. To sum it up, you will be part of a

unique and enriching experience, totally supervised in a boundary-breaking environment”

- Raashi Anand, Founder Travel4Change




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